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SVSBA Music Library

The SVSBA Music Library needs two vertical legal-size (19") file

cabinets in good shape.  Free/cheap a plus!

Please review the new Music Library Users Manual, including Operating

Principles, practices and guidelines.   A mere three pages, it's a "must

read" for everyone!


The SVSBA Music Library now has almost 2500 pieces in 18 file cabinets, all cataloged in the spreadsheet available in the online catalog.  Check it out!


Over 1200 volunteer hours have been devoted to organizing and updating the Music Library (while responding to music requests) since its July 2017 relocation to a secure climate-controlled well-lit office with restrooms.  Further effort is needed

(i.e. more volunteers are welcome!) to bring the Library up to a

smooth-running steady state.  Music Librarians' contact information is

in the Users Manual.

Volunteers are needed in the SVSBA Music Library, located in Auburn on the edge of the canyon in a natural setting filled with trees, squirrels, deer, lizards, and lots of other wildlife, including the occasional coyote sighting!

Volunteers will be trained to help with:

- stamping music

- putting music in score order

- numbering parts and inventorying

- making up new envelopes


Come on up to Auburn and join the fun!  Enjoy the feeling of accomplishment!

Contact Mary Rose to schedule your time:

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