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The Sacramento Valley Symphonic Band Association is proud to contribute to the continuation of music education in our community by providing three months of private lessons from an approved instructor to a deserving middle school student.

SVSBA will pay an approved music teacher up to $350 for private lessons after they are given, upon receipt of invoices endorsed by a parent/guardian of the student. The intent is that this amount will fund about three months of weekly lessons. Private music teachers must be approved by the SVSBA Board before payments will be made. Payments will be made directly to the private teachers.

To qualify, students must currently be entering 7th or 8th grade, and play an instrument typically found in a wind ensemble or concert band setting. SVSBA's intent with this requirement is to promote further study and participation in school and community wind ensembles and concert bands.

The scholarship application is available by clicking here.


Complete and return the  application to Bianca Patterson, chair of the scholarship committee for the SVSBA, via email at: (subject line: MSMLS)


or mail a printed application to:

Sacramento Valley Symphonic Band Association

PO Box 60537 Sacramento CA


Application Deadline: Forms should be received by December 31st for spring semester, or June 30th for Fall semester. 

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